Signature Building Group is a one-stop source to put your home back together better than ever before. As devastating as your loss from fire or water damage may feel, you can take consolation in knowing that you may very well have a unique opportunity to reinvent your house the way you had always dreamed of doing.

That process starts with making sure you are well-represented in dealing with your insurance company as your claim is adjusted. Our detail-oriented estimators will leave no stone unturned so you can rest easy knowing your settlement covers every last dollar you rightfully deserve. That could mean a difference extending into six digits, the difference between a project that barely scrapes by and one that allows you to focus on reconceived visions that significantly increase the market value of your property.

Let us help get you back on your feet and perhaps reinvent your home the way it was always meant to be.

Now the fun begins as it’s time to reimagine your home with those new spaces you have always wanted perhaps even in a redesigned layout. That elegant yet welcoming Kitchen/Family Room, sumptuous Master Bedroom Suite, and perfectly functional Mudroom/Laundry are within your grasp when smart decisions follow clearly defined priorities. We believe that most restoration projects benefit from a blank canvas approach to design with ours also reflecting a cost-conscious mentality. Our innovative design team will make sure you see all the possibilities as we work our brand of magic to recognize every bit of potential your house has to offer. Have trouble with paint colors, fabrics, and the myriad decisions to be made from tile to cabinets to light fixtures? We have an easy and cost-effective solution. Fold in interior design help to put the final touches on a reinvented home finished with a flair that makes your personal statement.

All along the way, we’ll utilize our expertise to make sure that the challenges inherent in a restoration project, like smoke and soot damage or mold and mildew, are properly mitigated so you never have to worry about them rearing their ugly heads again.

If that all sounds like a tall order, we’ll add yet one more item to the list. We’ll do all of this in an efficient and cost-effective manner saving you time, effort, and money by not having to outsource to 4 or 5 different players with only you at the hub. At Signature, we take the sting out of recovering from a personal disaster by making it easy, cost efficient, and transformational.

Our Restoration Services:

  • Demolition, stabilization, and temporary protection work
  • Insurance claim adjustment
  • Home redesign – Architectural, Drafting, Construction/Permit Documents
  • Interior design
  • Smoke & water damage mitigation
  • Construction and renovation work

Some of our Projects:

Greenspring Valley Design-Build Renovation - Signature Building Group

Greenspring Valley Design-Build Renovation

The complete renovation of this sprawling house set on 13 acres in the Greenspring Valley was undertaken in the aftermath of a kitchen fire that resulted from a lightning strike. Redesign was complicated by the numerous renovations and additions of varying styles… Learn More

Caves Valley Fire Restoration - Signature Building Group

Caves Valley Fire Restoration

This 1950’s brick rancher was devastated by an electrical fire which left every surface inside the house either charred or covered with a heavy layer of black soot but spared most of the structure. We were on site two days after the fire and represent… Learn More